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There are so many inexperienced ECU Remapping companies out there. An ECU Remap is only as good as the tuned files that are written. We are too often repairing bad ecu remap files that others have attempted. Don’t take the risk, have it done properly 1st time.

Our DPF Removal Service is second to none. We can remove your Diesel Particulate Filter and program it out of the ECU so that your car will never do a DPF Regeneration again. So you can say goodbye & good riddance to all of your DPF relate problems.

Our Diagnostic Service: We also have the latest Diagnostic Equipment to Dealer Level on most manufacturers. We also carry out: Key Coding, Immobiliser Removal, ECU Repairs and any other engine management related service.

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Mobile Ecu Remapping

All Ecu Remapping files booked through Dynotune are written by Dynotune, however all agents are self employed so in other words any contract after booking is between you the customer and the self employed agent.

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