Ecu Repair Service

We have an Ecu Repair Service. Our Ecu Repairs are carried out at aour HQ in Scunthorpe North Lincolnshire. Please allow a seven day turnaround.

We have been in the automotive industry for many years. Our main speciality is Ecu Remapping. We have gained experience in repairing Ecu’s over the years. Now we have state of the art equipment for testing Ecu’s on the bench. We have a high success rate of repair. If we can’t repair your Ecu then we can clone it or send a replacement. Either way we can save you a lot of money from dealer prices of a replacement. We can also remove immobilisers from Ecu’s. For example: you have bought an ecu from the scrap yard but when you plug it in the vehicle will not run because the immobiliser has kicked in. We can remove the immobiliser all together making your Ecu plug & play.

We repair all makes and models. Please contact us initially using the contact form opposite before sending your ECU.

Ecu Testing
We charge £30.00 + postage for testing an Ecu. If we cannot repair the unit the testing fee still applies. We test all makes and models of Ecu. We have a very high repair rate.

Mobile Ecu Remapping

All Ecu Remapping files booked through Dynotune are written by Dynotune, however all agents are self employed so in other words any contract after booking is between you the customer and the self employed agent.

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